The Global G-2

The Global G-2 Chefs KnifeI own a Global G-2 chefs knife, and I use it every day, for almost everything I make. Although I have really come to love using this knife, it is not the knife I originally set out to buy. After sifting through a lot of knife reviews and making a couple of trips to kitchen specialty stores, I had finally almost settled on a Wusthof Classic. It was the knife my mother used, it looked familiar and comfortable, and I wasn't really up for leaving my comfort zone that day.

When I got to the store where I intended to buy it, a kitchen supply store that caters to professional chefs and serious amateurs, I found a guy at the front, set up at a station and demonstrating the Global G-2 Chefs knife.

This guy actually had several knives, including the Wusthof, and an array of different kinds of foods. Most fortuitously for me, I was there early and was his only audience. He had me try out some of the different knives, demostrating how to get a feel for the balance. I loved the way the Global knife felt in my hand - almost weightless and totally comfortable. The first doubts about my intended purchase began to creep into my head, and then he got me slicing and dicing.

He had quite a few different types of food for me to try slicing and chopping. The G-2 felt extraordinarily well-balanced in my hand. I never fumbled, nor did I have to pause to re-grip, as I so often did with my old knife. The thiing that really convinced me though, was the tomato. The G-2 went through this big, soft, almost mushy tomato like it was butter. That's what finally sold me.

I've had my knife for several months now and am very happy with my purchase. Before writing this review, I did a lot of research on this knife and found that lots and lots of other people like it as well! If you are thinking about purchasing a Global chefs knife, then you've come to the right page! I've gathered everything I could find about it and condensed it here. Read on for the details.

Features to Look for in a Chefs Knife

You will undoubtedly be using your chefs knife almost every day, so you want to be sure that what you buy will work for you. The most important things to consider are balance, comfort and performance.

Samurai Design

The coolest thing I learned about the Global G-2 knives is that they are designed with samurai sword technology in mind. The steel used in these knives is made from molybdenum and vanadium, which is super-strong and stainless. The blades are heated at extremely high temperatures and then ice-tempered to create an incredibly hard metal.

Global's singular approach to balance in their knives is what makes the G-2 one of the best in the world. Most chefs knives use a bolster in the middle of the knife to achieve balance. This is a piece of metal usually that separates the blade from the handle. The problem with bolsters is that they can be nice little hidey-holes for bacteria, and they can make the knife less comfortable to hold. Global achieves balance in their knives by injecting sand into the handle itself. This allows the hand to grip the knife more comfortably in a way that makes the balance feel very natural.

The Blade Holds Its Sharpness

This knife performs beautifully. The handle has been designed with dimples, so that your grip is efficient and your hand won't slip. Because the Global G-2 is so sharp, it makes the work seem almost effortless. Another unique feature of this chef's knife is that the edges of the blade have been ground so that they have a long taper rather than shorter bevel. The result is that the knife stays very sharp for a very long time.

How Much?

The list price for the Global G-2 is $115.00, but Amazon has it for $111.95.

What Is Included?

The Global G-2 comes on its own, but Global recommends that you also purchase the MinoSharp water sharpener. This sharpener is specifically designed to sharpen the unique taper of this knife. I would definitely recommend this. I find that I don't have to use it very often, but when I do it's easy to use and brings the knife right back to its usual sharpness.

Warranties and Options

There is a lifetime warranty on the G-2 knife against any kind of breakage or defects.

What are Global G-2 Users Saying About Their Knives?

Global knives are rated as a "best chef knife" by professionals and amateurs across the board.

  • "I loved it the first time I held it in my hands."
  • "I've been a German knife snob for years. But this 8-inch chef's knife by Japan's Global is the finest blade I've ever owned."
  • "It is well balanced, readily gripped when wet and astoundingly sharp."
  • "I cannot think of a task it does not perform well."
  • "I find it does a fantastic job and is just fun to use."

Complaints or Concerns?

These knives hold their sharpness, but because of the angle at which the blades are sharpened, they need special sharpeners. Some people have concerns about keeping the knife sharp, but if you use the recommended sharpener you shouldn't have a problem.

Where Can You Buy the Global G-2 Chefs Knife?

The best place to buy the Global G-2 is at Amazon. Their price is below list and the knife qualifies for their free super-saver shipping.

For sharpness, performance, balance, comfort and easy of use, Busy-Vegan recommends the Global G-2 chefs knife. Try one!

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