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Raw Vegan Recipes

Raw vegan recipes can be as easy to prepare as regular vegan recipes, but sometimes there is a bit more "front-loading" and planning involved.

Once you get a basic raw pantry established, and set up your kitchen with one or two specialized small appliances, raw "un-cooking" can be very quick and easy.

The big difference between raw food and vegan recipes is that vegans cook a lot of their food, but eat only plant-based meals, whereas raw foodists eat nothing cooked, but may eat some raw meats and dairy products. The best nutritional solution is to marry these two diets and eat as much raw vegan food as possible!

Check out the recipes below and be sure to check out the raw pantry and kitchen supplies pages. I'll be adding more and more free raw food recipes here, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Main Dishes Raw Vegan Soups Raw Vegan Desserts
Raw Angelhair Marinara Raw Tomato Vegetable Soup Raw Vegan Ice-Cream
Raw "Spagetti" with Pesto Cucumber Dill Soup Chocolate Pudding
Raw California Rolls   Raw Fruit Tart
Raw Samosas   Raw Moon Pie
    Raw Blueberry Crumble
    Raw Chocolate Sauce
    Vanilla Almond Cream
    Walnut Maple Cream
Raw Vegan Breakfast Raw Vegan Salads and Dressing Raw Vegan Snacks and
Side Dishes
Raw Blueberry Granola Basic Salad Dressing Walnut and Sundried
Tomato Paté
Berries n' Cream Tomato-Avocado Salad Pear Ginger Chutney
Raw Vegan Nut Milks
and Cheeses
Raw Vegan Breads and Crackers Raw Vegan Smoothies
and Beverages
Raw Almond Milk Cinnamon Apple Bread Green Smoothies
Hemp Seed Milk Focaccia  
  Flax Crackers  

For a great list of raw foods, check out my friends at Raw Food Diet Magazine!

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