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Super Greens

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What are super greens? Get a complete overview of the biggest leafy stars of the green veggie line-up in the Busy-Vegan’s new e-book, The Guide to Greens.

This e-book is free when you subscribe to Busy Vegan!

Most people, even vegans and raw foodists, don’t get enough green food in their diet. It’s difficult, especially when you are busy, to consume the amount of greens you need in a day – about a pound, believe it or not!

Also, many people don’t really like the taste of raw greens that much and are reluctant to even contemplate a larger green food diet. That’s why green smoothies are so great! They make it possible to consume more raw greens quickly in a delicious beverage.

But which super greens should you be including in your smoothies? The Guide to Greens has the answers!

The greens used in smoothies should be rotated on a regular basis, so use the information in this free e-book to help you make a truly informed selection. To get it just Sign up on the form to the right –>.

Guide to Greens Cover

In The Guide to Greens you will find:

  • Information about over 15 of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens
  • Specific health benefits of each green
  • Easy-to-read charts detailing the nutritional content of each green
  • Background information on each green

Plus – find out why Albert Einstein’s famous formula is so essential to understanding the benefits of greens – Don’t worry – it’s not complicated at all!

Get The Guide to Greens free when you subscribe to Busy Vegan! We will keep you updated on the latest news from, new recipes, tips for finding vegan clothing and accessories, news items for vegan singles, and special tips for eating out as a vegan or raw foodist.