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The Vegan Kitchen

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Blender with FruitTo function as a vegan you don’t have to buy a whole new kitchen, but there are a few necessaries for your vegan regimen that make life a lot easier. You will find that you are chopping more veggies and using counter top appliances more frequently, while you will be using your oven a bit less.

To begin with, you’ll need knives. It may be worth your while to purchase a really good set of knives as you will undoubtedly be using them almost every day. A good set will last you for many years and while it may be a bit of an upfront cost, good knives will pay for themselves very quickly.

You will want to insure that you also have good food storage containers that don’t let in too much air. Because many vegan foods require preparation, you’ll find that you may want to chop enough veggies in one day to last for several days. These are the kinds of shortcuts you’ll find for yourself as you go.

Basic vegan kitchen equipment also will include a food processor and a really, really good blender. And by really, really good blender, I don’t mean anything that you buy at a department store. You need something that is industrial strength for all the nuts and other tough stuff that you’ll be putting in smoothies and soups. I recommend the Blendtec HP3A blender. I am so in love with mine that I can’t travel without it. I even bought an adapter and brought it to Europe with me last year. There I was – blending my smoothies in my hotel room with fruits I had purchased from local markets – perfect!

In terms of food processors, I would go with the largest size Cuisinart. I recommend the biggest size because I actually got the next size down and I have regretted it continually. I just never seem to have enough room in it for what I want to do. So don’t make the same mistake that I did.

If you really want to promote health and get some great nutrition, you’ll want to add sprouts to your meals on a regular basis. There are plenty of fancy automatic spouters out there, but I find that basic sprouting jars work really well. Just make sure that they have the screen tops for rinsing.

Also – If you are interested in raw foods, you’ll definitely want a dehydrator, which is great for making raw breads and dried fruits. The first time I made kale chips in mine, it made it all worthwhile.

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