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Becoming a Vegan Chef

Vegan Chefs Preparing FoodNot too long ago, the idea of being a vegan chef would not have occurred to many people. In recent years however, the number of vegan restaurants and catering businesses, particularly in major metropolitan areas has tripled.

In addition, more and more private clubs and spas, corporations, bakeries, food chains and grocery stores are expanding their menus to include larger vegan selections.

Thus, demand has sharply increased for the services of those with the knowledge and skills of a vegan chef who can advise and prepare menus that are both nutritious and highly appealing to their clientele.

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Those who are considering a career in vegan cooking will want to take a few things into consideration:

  • Hours - Unless you are working in the private kitchen of a large company or a restaurant in the heart of a business community, the hours a chef works generally fall during the times that most would consider recreational - ie. evenings and weekends. This can have some disadvantages, particularly if you have a family. However, it is possible to work part time or find restaurants where you can work a breakfast and/or lunch shift. The hours of a chef should not in any way deter you, it is just something to keep in mind when making your plans.
  • Location - Most major cities in the United States and Europe are now seeing an explosion of "alternative" restaurants, many of them exclusively vegan or with a large selection of vegan items. In more rural areas this trend has not yet caught on although it is not unheard of and it is highly likely that even these areas will see the increase of vegan and vegetarian choices more and more in the next few years. One thing that you might want to consider is that you will likely be most successful in finding a position in a vegan establishment if you are in or near a city.
  • Financial Considerations - As with any career, training always involves a financial investment. Some of the top culinary schools offer financial aid loans, although many do not. The majority will offer several different payment options over time. If you are curtailed by financial concerns, you may wish to make the financial plan your first avenue of inquiry when looking at a potential school.
  • Time Investment - Generally a full-time student can complete the culinary course in one year. Most schools though, are cognizant of the fact that a large number of their potential students may hold other jobs and for this reason they will offer evening and/or weekend programs. If you have a full or part time job, you may want to explore this option.

Becoming a vegan chef is an exciting career choice and as consciousness about health and nutrition become more widespread, you will find that people with vegan culinary skills will be in ever-increasing demand. There are certainly a number of things to think about, but overall this career path offers a relatively short and far less expensive option than other professions whose training may require several years.

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