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Vegan Lifestyle

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Vegan Lifestyle ShotsThe vegan lifestyle is about more than just healthy eating. It’s important to treat your outside as well as you treat your inside! At Busy-Vegan, we have collected a lot of information about other aspects of life that may be important to you as a vegan.

Clothing and Shoes

The market for vegan clothing is growing rapidly, although many companies don’t call it vegan. Instead they’ll call it eco-friendly, all-natural, organic, or green. In many cases, the focus of this kind of clothing and footwear manufacturing falls into alignment with vegan principles – which works out well for us! Popular fabrics being used are soy (bad for your inside, but great to wear!), bamboo, and tencel, which is actually a kind of wood. Keep an eye out because this industry is growing rapidly. I predict that within the next few years it will start to become even more mainstream and the selections will increase dramatically.

Dating and Romance

If you’re not a single vegan, then go ahead and skip this section, but if you are looking for someone whose ideas and worldview are compatible with your vegan ideals, then be sure to check out Busy-Vegan’s dating section. Like the clothing industry, the dating industry is growing and specializing, and there are more and more sites that either cater exclusively to vegans, or have a vegan/vegetarian search filter. It is becoming easier than ever to meet and date other vegans through the Internet. Check it out!


I get a lot of questions about cosmetics and makeup. Animal testing and animal products in makeup and skin care products, not to mention the really icky (technical term) chemicals, are objectionable to vegans. Fortunately this arena too, is expanding and there are now some really terrific cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic products that will help you to care for your skin naturally, while helping you to look your best.

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