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What Causes Diabetes

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blood-sugar-testing-meterSo what causes diabetes really? Many western doctors will tell you that the the causes are not really known. They’ll give you a list of contributing factors, including heredity, age, and obesity, and tell you it can be managed with diet control and medication, but that’s only part of the picture.

Here’s what the government and the medical establsihment aren’t telling you: Consuming high amounts of animal protein is directly correlated with diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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Now you might think I’m spouting wild, unsubstantiated nonsense, but actually there have been extensive scientific studies pointing to the idea that what causes diabetes is a diet heavy in animal proteins.

These studies not only show that consumption of animal proteins in "normal" amounts can cause disease, but that a plant-based (vegan) diet, rich in raw foods, can actually reverse diabetes completely!

But what is diabetes exactly?

Okay, imagine that your body is like a big giant hotel and every cell is a room in that hotel. When you eat, your body breaks the food down into its component sugars.

These sugars are like guests checking into the hotel. In order for each sugar guest to enter a room, it will need a key. This key is provided by your pancreas in the form of insulin. In people with diabetes, the pancreas’s production of insulin doesn’t work properly – the guests can’t get into their rooms.

Forms of Diabetes

  • Type 1 – This form of diabetes occurs when the cells in the pancreas are too damaged to produce any insulin at all. In our hotel metaphor, this means that there are no keys available to let guests into their rooms. When sugars can’t get into cells, they begin to backup in the bloodstream causing damage in the body, just like irate guests overflowing into the lobby and halls, pulling down chandeliers, throwing furniture through windows, and essentially trashing the whole hotel. And when the sugar-starved cells (the empty, unattended rooms) don’t get what they need, they begin to break down, which leads to all kinds of other health problems.
  • Type 2 – This is a more common form of diabetes which occurs when the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin is inconsistent and not able to correspond to the amount of glucose (blood sugar) to be delivered to the cells. Back to the hotel metaphor – this is like having some keys to some rooms, but also having a lot of keys that are broken or mismatched to the doors. Again, this causes the cells to lack the sugars they need and the bloodstream to overflow and backup with excess glucose. Like Type 1 this can cause damage in the body and lead to extended health problems.
How’s your blood sugar?
The FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Meter is easy and painless to use. Even if you haven’t been formally diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, if your diet contains a lot of animal proteins, dairy, and grains, it may be worth it to monitor yourself for a while.

There is no doubt that the consumption of sugar-laden processed foods and fast foods is a huge contributor to what causes diabetes in the United States and other western countries. It is currently estimated that 24,000,000 people in the United States have diabetes and another 17,000,000 have elevated blood sugar levels – a condition called pre-diabetes. That means that roughly 1/4 of the population has diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The most common approach taken by western physicians is to treat and manage the illness through diet, blood sugar monitoring, and medication. But more and more people are starting to discover that by adopting a vegan, or even better a raw vegan diet, they can completely reverse their diabetes!

What Does the Research Show?

One of the best known research studies that points to a high animal protein diet as being a major factor in what causes diabetes was actually published as a best–selling book. The China Study was written by T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and his son, Thomas M. Campbell.

This book documents Dr. Campbell’s more than 40 years of grant-funded, peer reviewed study of nutrition and disease in conjunction with Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. It is a thoroughly documented compilation of a research study that spanned more than twenty years and concluded, among other things, that as consumption of animal proteins rises, so do the rates of diabetes, even in populations that are not overweight.

Conversely, the studies also found that in areas where carbohydrate (meaning plant-based, not white flour-based!) consumption was higher, the incidence of diabetes was much lower. In addition, there were numerous studies cited in which patients with diabetes were able to completely reverse their diabetes by eliminating all animal products.

Dr. James Anderson M.D., professor emeritus at the University of Kentucky, has done extensive research on what causes diabetes. Dr. Anderson’s research was conducted on both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. None were overweight, but all were taking insulin shots. His findings showed that a high carbohydrate/high fiber diet (i.e. lots of plant-based foods) can produce very dramatic results.

After only a few weeks on a plant-based diet, the Type 1 patients lowered their insulin medication by 40% and all but one of the Type 2 patients were able to stop their insulin shots completely!

I could probably write a book about all the studies that have been done on how the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is at the root of what causes diabetes and how veganism can reverse it…but wait – I don’t need to! Dr. Campbell has already done it! His book cites over 750 scientific studies that support his findings.

So if this is true, why doesn’t everyone know it?

Think about it. The primary purpose and function of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is to support and promote agricultural products – a large percentage of which are meat and dairy. The National Dairy Council and companies like Tyson and Perdue have millions invested in lobbying campaigns geared toward government support of animal products. Of course they’re going to want to squash any information that suggests that what causes diabetes might be animal proteins!

Look at the whole "Got Milk?" campaign. The dairy industry is spending enormous amounts of money to convince the public that dairy is the best source of calcium, when in fact a number of studies, including the famous Harvard Nurses Health Study showed a strong relationship between high dairy consumption and a greater risk for osteoporosis.

The meat and dairy industries have gone to great lengths over the years to distract us. They told us that fat was the problem and then provided low-fat "solutions", – then they told us that the real criminal was carbs – so we should eat more meat and dairy!

But it has never seemed to occur to anybody that the excessive amounts of animal proteins in meat and dairy most people consume on a daily basis might be causing problems. As I said earlier, there is strong scientific research pointing to this relationship.

So what causes diabetes? The research is mounting and much of it is pointing to a high animal protein diet as being a primary cause of diabetes (especially Type 2). Anyone who eats animal protein on a daily basis is at much higher risk for diabetes. Just imagine – if everyone ate only delicious, raw, nutritious plant-food! We might be able to eradicate diabetes altogether!

Still don’t believe that a plant-based diet can reverse diabetes? Check out Simply Raw – a fabulous documentary film that follows 6 diabetics who spend 30 days raw and completely reverse their diabetes!

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